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My name is Maaike Kruijsen and I'm a passionate eagle photographer from the Netherlands. I love to get (bald) eagles in front of my lens. Next to the eagle family I've got a passion for birds in all shapes and sizes.

It was love at first sight from the moment I was allowed to take pictures of a handsome bald eagle without bars between us. My passion carried me away on ‘wings of love’. From that moment on countless eagles and other birds (of prey) followed.

Time stands still when I photograph and interact with these majestic birds. I love to work with these animals and observe them at the same time looking for the perfect shot to share their beautiful soul with the world.




I’ve spent a lot of time studying webcams in the United States to observe the way of life of the Bald Eagle. The habitat of a bird of prey may seem rough and rugged in comparison with our human world, but with it comes its own beauty.

Even though these birds are at the top of the food chain. And even though they are no longer on the brink of extinction, their populations still struggle because of our influence on their environment. Death rates are higher than from natural causes from, among others lead poisoning (hunting), poachers, wind turbines and high voltage towers.

>>Read: Please don't repeal the Endangered Species Act!<<

With my company Eyeshine Photography I want to show how majestic, gorgeous and graceful these creatures are and I hope to raise awareness for further conservation of these great birds.



I'm grateful for all encouragement, love and support

* Everyone who has helped building the website, logo and translation
* Photographers and eagle friends all over the world
* All places I get full access to most of the birds
*Dear friends and family
* My Mom for bringing the eagles as inspiration in to my life when I was young
* My Dad who encouraged me to start with photography and his love for birds
* My beloved grandma who encouraged me to live my life to the fullest

With great respect to the eagle spirit for inviting me in to the eagle world.